Sorry for the long story, but I simply have to share. I design custom decals to bring messages of inspiration, hope, and creativity to peoples lives. I’ve designed decals of everything from lyrics and poems, to tv and movie quotes, to completely random quotes that don’t mean anything to me, but mean the world to my customers. When people contact me, and tell me a bit about themselves and what they want, I can usually offer many ideas to inspire them. But when I was recently contacted by a young woman who is recovering from an eating disorder, I had no clue where to begin.

She knew who I was, and what I do, and specifically asked for something to put on her bathroom scale. I really struggled with this because she just wanted something simple to see everyday to help her to keep from falling back to her eating disorder, and so I really wanted to help her as much as I could. I sent her the decal shown in the picture, and quickly regretted it. When she received it she called me right away and immediately broke down to tears on the phone. I thought to myself “oh man I really screwed up this one..what was I thinking sending her something that suggested that she’s not perfect the way she is?” I thought maybe I should’ve kept my own personal opinion to myself and just made a decal that said she was perfect the way she is or something. But as it turned out, it was exactly what she needed. She had been told many times that she’s perfect the way she is, and she needed to be told that it’s ok to not be perfect. Because there is no such thing as perfect people, or the perfect body, only real people, with real bodies.



Finally done my wall! 

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